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About Retro Bowl 3

Retro Bowl 3

When I was a kid, many years ago I used to play the popular arcade game which was called Techmo Bowl. The first edition of the game was released in 1987 year and by that time it was one of the best games about American Football. Today, in 2022 many people wonder why the Retro Bowl game series became so popular but for me the answer is clear - nostalgy. The Retro Bowl game series is the clone of the old and famous Techmo Bowl game and those who play it today just dream about the old good days. Today I would like to present the latest edition of the addictive and interesting online game about American Football - Retro Bowl 3. The huge success of the previous chapters forced the developers to continue their job and create a new version with more interesting gameplay, more options and modes. For people who have never played this game before I would like to give a small guide for better understanding the gameplay.

The first thing that you notice when you start playing this game is the poor graphics but believe me, it is something that made this game series famous. The developers decided to follow the path of Techmo Bowl and made the same 8-bit graphics. This may be a bit ugly but many people love this retro style and play the game every day. In this game your mission is to become the manager of the team and lead it to success. You will have the full control over the team - you can sell and buy new players, increase their team spirit and so on. It is a kind of simulator rather than a traditional sport game. In addition to several game modes which the developers created in the new version, Retro Bowl 3 is a true gem in the world of American Football games.

How To Play Retro Bowl 3?

Many people find this game rather difficult but that's because they skipped the tutorial mode at the beginning of the game. I strongly recommend you to complete the tutorial to find out how to control the players, how to make changes to your team and so on. In this game, you can also take part in the attacks of your team and score touchdowns. The defensive actions are still under the control of AI, you have no options to take part in them. One more thing that you should keep in mind is the career mode - it will require a lot of time to complete all matches and lift the trophy so make sure that you are playing it at the official homepage to use the feature of Save Game and continue playing it later. Overall, it is a game which is hated by some players but deeply loved by others, so you should try it to undestand your position.

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